Hi, I'm Jeff Lee.

Husband; Dadpreneur, Bi-linguist; Affable change agent; Builder; Bullet pointer; Finesser of difficult situations; Storyteller; Pilot; Scuba diver.

I tried retirement at age 49. It didn’t stick. I inspire through humor, empathy and hard work. I’m humble, but with quiet confidence earned from hard-fought wins. My persuasion recipe = bucketful of pathos + gallon of logos + cup of ethos. I believe in persistence over insistence and perspiration over inspiration.

I am confident that common sense trumps vision. I value my EQ significantly more than my IQ. I’m serious about my mirth, generous with my time, and overzealously devoted to inbox zero.

I value helping other people grow and flourish over building my own personal brand (and yet, here you are on my personal website).

Copyright 2021, Jeff Lee